Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nails Inc - Caffeine Hit: swatches & nail art

pr sample

Mhhh, a coffee inspired collection and perfectly fitting for autumn. And it's very thoughtful that the package contains an actual bag of coffee and a mug. The coffee tastes super good! There's also a coffee hand scrub, but I have't tried that yet.

 The NailsInc Caffeine Hit collection consists of 3 brown cremes and a matching glitter polish. These 4 go perfectly together if you ask me.

All polishes are SCENTED and they smell like those chocolate coffee beans. OMG, I'm not really a fan of  scented polishes but that just smells heavenly. I'd like that in all my polishes, please!

I'm starting with Espresso Martini, the darkest brown. It's rather cool toned and almost looks black. 2 coats + topcoat.

Next, the medium brown Afternoon Mocha. It's a pretty milk chocolate brown and my fave of the bunch. 2 coats + topcoat

And the last creme, Chai Kiss. Looks like milky coffee and took 2 coats + topcoat as well.

The glitter is Rise & Grind and contains lots of tiny glitters in mostly gold and orange but also a few silver ones. So hard to capture though! I'm showing 3 coats + topcoat on it's own and 1 coat layerd over the cremes.

I love coffee and surprisingly never did any coffee themed nail art. So I went with the theme and doodled some coffee icons on top of a gradient of the 3 browns. The white is acrylic paint and I topped it with matte topcoat. Looks so chocolatey, yum!

And of course I wanted to play with the glitter too and did a little negative space nail art again. I just have to take advantage of my currently not stained nails, ha! I used black and brown acrylic paint for the leaves and filled it out with Rise & Grind.

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  1. Beautiful set! And your swatches are lovely! And your them, especial the LEAVES!!!