Wednesday, May 3, 2017

nail art: floral glitterplacement ft. Whats Up Nails Princess Confetti

pr sample

It's glitter placement time, yay! I always forget how much I love doing these until I sit down with lots of sparkly stuff on my desk. :)

Luckily, there was a jar of happiness in my Whats Up Nails package: Princess Confetti. Looks like it's not on the website anymore though.. But here's a link to the other Confetti colors.
It's full on pink, green and gold circle glitters. I tried to show you the different sizes/colors in the photo below, but the glitter is super reflective. So my photos are crap :D But I hope you get the idea, haha.
I only picked out the gold ones, and the smallest in all colors to create these flowers.

I love a neutral background for glitter placement, so I always go for a sheer nude. I'm using essie allure here. Again, I used foil glue to stick the glitters down. So handy, because it doesn't dry out and you don't have to repeat applying clear polish!

Here's the matte version, which shows the pattern much better.

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  1. Nail art always make me go crazy. I am a sucker for well shaped and neatly painted nails. And now diffeerent ways of decorating nails are coming, just like these shiny little peices