Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello holo! - Whats Up Nails Holographic Powder

pr sample

Today I don't have any nail art for you, just pretty rainbows :) Whatever I tried to paint on top of the most amazing Holographic Powder from Whats Up Nails, it didn't work and I hated it. So I scratched everything off and actually enjoyed wearing the powder on its own! That's a rare thing for me!

I layered the powder over a sheer nude (Kiko 207) since I love how this looks softer than over black.

 I rubbed it into the second coat with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and my fingers and then brushed off the excess. To not dull the holo, I finished with a waterbased top cat: piCture pOlish revolution.

My camera was quite a bit overwhelmed with how strong the holo is :D

And if you use more than one lamp and you don't have them shine at the exact same spot, you'll even get multiple rainbows. That's how strong the effect is. It's just love!

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  1. Ohh! Really cool nail polish. I will love to buy it. From where can I get one? OMG I forgot to visit the parlour today for my nail filing. It is essential to have long properl shaped nails for this amazing nail polish.