Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Whats Up Nails Exotic Flakies and nail art

pr sample

Mmmhh.. Flakies. I love flakies. Everyday. Of course I was happy when Whats Up Nails included one of them in my packag!

I got the Exotic flakies and they are mostly blue and purple but also change to pink and gold at some angles.

Since I love speckled polishes, I applied them directly over a light purple: OPI I Am What I Amethyst. I let the polish dry almost completely and I switched between using an eyeshadow brush and my finger. I was trying to not get too much of the flakies on my nails for a more speckled look.

I added some triangles and dots with acrylic paint on top of it. And the matte topcoat, because I was curious how that looks. Think it looks almost like a stone-y marble base now. Still fun!

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