Sunday, April 2, 2017

nail art: Watercolor floral with Whats Up Nails Stiletto Stencil

pr sample

Happy Sunday! I've gotten a few things from Whats Up Nails and I'm starting with one of the vinyl designs that were in my package: Stiletto Stencils.

I'm honestly not into the stiletto nail art that I see around the internet. Probably because I knew it doesn't look good on my stumpy nail beds, but I was curious to actually try it on myself. After all, you can't say 'meh' until you've tried it!

I had the idea to combine pastel watercolor floral with contrasting black for this, and while the whole stiletto stripe thing isn't my style, I do love the combo!

For this look, I've actually used nail polish only! And all of them were by OPI. I just love their cremes. And names!

OPI Alpine Snow is the white base and Black Onyx was used for the stiletto shape. Placing the vinyls in the exact middle was a bit tricky, but they were easy to use and I had not problem in sticking them down and removing them!

The watercolor flowers are done with these OPIs:
yellow - My Twin Mimmy
pink - Look at My Bow!
blue - Sailing & Nail-ing
purple - A Grape Fit!
green - Green-wich Village

And I've also used the Pure Color #10 Detail Brush for these. Doing that type of nail art doesn't require a super tiny brush, so this was perfect! However, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the Whats Up Nails brushes on another day, when I've tested them all throughly!


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