Tuesday, April 25, 2017

nail art: loosely inspired by a gobelin fabric

pr sample

Another background stamping with Hehe today! And of course another image from the Florals & Plaids collection.

A few years ago, my Mama had bought this beautiful gobelin fabric and made herself a pillow out of it. I always loved the floral print and the color combination and I was jealous that she didn't make anything for me too. So I grabbed the leftover fabric and took it home with me (because one day I'm going to learn how to sew :D ).

I stamped the fabric texture from plate 077 over OPI Be There in a Prosecco using OPI Berlin There Done That (which I once got as a Christmas gift from my Mama <3 )

The rest is freehand with with acrylic paint. It turned out much brighter than the fabric though. Not sure how I like that.. But at least it's more seasonally appropriate :P

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