Monday, April 24, 2017

nail art: fishpond with Hehe 081

pr sample

Back to nails, after a short break for Easter!

I was looking through all the plates from Hehe's 'The Plaids & Florals collection' and number 081 with the water surfaces caught my eye.
I think the whole collection is pretty awesome and full of fantastic background stamps. Most of the plates also have a huge flower in the middle, but they're honestly too large for my style and taste. So I'll ignore them :P

I had the idea to jelly sandwich one of the water patterns and see if that would look good. And I'm glad it does! Haha!

I used Dance Legend Botticelli from the Top Aquarelle line and Moyou London White Knight as stamping polish. Thankfully my nails aren't that stained right now, so I could use the blue jelly on it's own. I believe I did 2 coats, then stamped for the first time, then another 2 coats of the jelly and stamping again, where I tried to layer a different part of the stamping image on top and to leave some parts transparent. I finished with one more coat of the blue, since I didn't want the white to show.

The rest is handpainted with black and white acrylic paint and inspired by this pattern.
 I thought about making the fishies a pale orange, but the black & white love won. What can I say? :P

Don't forget, you'll get 10% off when purchasing some plates from Hehe with the code cottonconey.


  1. Your jelly sandwich is beautiful! And your painting is a wonderful match for your inspiration! I agree with you about the black and white, with what is going on in the background you don't need the orange. Just love it!!

  2. I'm in love with this design! Stunning! <3

  3. This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. *_* I'm so gonna try this jelly sandwuch stamping, thanks for the inspiration! <3