Sunday, April 30, 2017

nail art: Walpurgis Night

Happy Walpurgisnight!

Tonight the witches are celebrating Walpurgis Night at Brocken, the highest peak of the Harz mountain range in the middle of Germany. I'm born near there, so I'm clearly a witch :D

Anyways, I always had a thing for everything witchy. So I love doing something for the occasion!

Plus, I could use one more of my beloved piCture pOlish: Bewitch. It's just the perfect night sky for a ride with the broom, haha.

I painted random essentials for every witch; with white acrylic paint, trying to make it not too cute and Halloweeny. At last, I finished it with matte topcoat, which I love a lot!

Now excuse me, I need to dust off my broom for tonight :D

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Whats Up Nails Exotic Flakies and nail art

pr sample

Mmmhh.. Flakies. I love flakies. Everyday. Of course I was happy when Whats Up Nails included one of them in my packag!

I got the Exotic flakies and they are mostly blue and purple but also change to pink and gold at some angles.

Since I love speckled polishes, I applied them directly over a light purple: OPI I Am What I Amethyst. I let the polish dry almost completely and I switched between using an eyeshadow brush and my finger. I was trying to not get too much of the flakies on my nails for a more speckled look.

I added some triangles and dots with acrylic paint on top of it. And the matte topcoat, because I was curious how that looks. Think it looks almost like a stone-y marble base now. Still fun!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

nail art: loosely inspired by a gobelin fabric

pr sample

Another background stamping with Hehe today! And of course another image from the Florals & Plaids collection.

A few years ago, my Mama had bought this beautiful gobelin fabric and made herself a pillow out of it. I always loved the floral print and the color combination and I was jealous that she didn't make anything for me too. So I grabbed the leftover fabric and took it home with me (because one day I'm going to learn how to sew :D ).

I stamped the fabric texture from plate 077 over OPI Be There in a Prosecco using OPI Berlin There Done That (which I once got as a Christmas gift from my Mama <3 )

The rest is freehand with with acrylic paint. It turned out much brighter than the fabric though. Not sure how I like that.. But at least it's more seasonally appropriate :P

Don't forget to use my code cottonconey to get 10% off at Hehe.

Monday, April 24, 2017

nail art: fishpond with Hehe 081

pr sample

Back to nails, after a short break for Easter!

I was looking through all the plates from Hehe's 'The Plaids & Florals collection' and number 081 with the water surfaces caught my eye.
I think the whole collection is pretty awesome and full of fantastic background stamps. Most of the plates also have a huge flower in the middle, but they're honestly too large for my style and taste. So I'll ignore them :P

I had the idea to jelly sandwich one of the water patterns and see if that would look good. And I'm glad it does! Haha!

I used Dance Legend Botticelli from the Top Aquarelle line and Moyou London White Knight as stamping polish. Thankfully my nails aren't that stained right now, so I could use the blue jelly on it's own. I believe I did 2 coats, then stamped for the first time, then another 2 coats of the jelly and stamping again, where I tried to layer a different part of the stamping image on top and to leave some parts transparent. I finished with one more coat of the blue, since I didn't want the white to show.

The rest is handpainted with black and white acrylic paint and inspired by this pattern.
 I thought about making the fishies a pale orange, but the black & white love won. What can I say? :P

Don't forget, you'll get 10% off when purchasing some plates from Hehe with the code cottonconey.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

nail art: easter eggs & subtle splatter

Obviously I had to paint easter eggs for easter :D My idea was to do a splatter as background and in my head it looked really cool. But my color choice was rather poor and it's a little too subtle. Even more in the photos, but well. Making a mess is fun, hehe.

Base is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and I used Hey! Get in Lime! and Pink-ing of You to splatter. I used my favorite gold, Zoya Ziv, as the last color to splatter.

The eggs are handpainted with black acrylic paint.

Bonus splatter photo below :D I wouldn't do it every week, but I definitely should do it more often. It's just so fun!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

nail art: botanical tulips

Duuuhhh, more botanical nail art :D I'm just obsessed and I'm not even sorry! And I'm sure it won't be the last one, hehe.

This time I painted tulips inspired by this pattern. As usual, I used black and white acrylic paint.

The pretty minty base is Moo Moo Signatures Don't Take Lollipop from Stranger.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

nail art: tiny chicks for Easter

So, spring is my favorite season and always so inspiring. I just love pastels and florals and ALL the bunny Easter stuff. Can't left out sweet little chicks though, so let's have some.

I actually saved todays base polish just for this: Femme Fatale Chirp. How adorable is that name? :)

The pattern is inspired by this and handpainted with acrylic paint, as usual. I especially love the tiny floral Easter eggs!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

nail art: Watercolor floral with Whats Up Nails Stiletto Stencil

pr sample

Happy Sunday! I've gotten a few things from Whats Up Nails and I'm starting with one of the vinyl designs that were in my package: Stiletto Stencils.

I'm honestly not into the stiletto nail art that I see around the internet. Probably because I knew it doesn't look good on my stumpy nail beds, but I was curious to actually try it on myself. After all, you can't say 'meh' until you've tried it!

I had the idea to combine pastel watercolor floral with contrasting black for this, and while the whole stiletto stripe thing isn't my style, I do love the combo!

For this look, I've actually used nail polish only! And all of them were by OPI. I just love their cremes. And names!

OPI Alpine Snow is the white base and Black Onyx was used for the stiletto shape. Placing the vinyls in the exact middle was a bit tricky, but they were easy to use and I had not problem in sticking them down and removing them!

The watercolor flowers are done with these OPIs:
yellow - My Twin Mimmy
pink - Look at My Bow!
blue - Sailing & Nail-ing
purple - A Grape Fit!
green - Green-wich Village

And I've also used the Pure Color #10 Detail Brush for these. Doing that type of nail art doesn't require a super tiny brush, so this was perfect! However, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the Whats Up Nails brushes on another day, when I've tested them all throughly!