Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hehe Plate - Japanese Comic Collection: One Piece

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Let's do one more japanese manga inspired nail art. And these 2 plates (015 and 016) were actually the reason I picked the Japanese Comic collection by Hehe. I freaking love One Piece!

I've been reading and watching One Piece for half of my life. I absolutely love the artwork and character design and the story is awesome. And it's super funny too! :D

I probably could continue swooning about One Piece, but let's move on with my nail art. The waves on 015 caught my attention and I thought I'd use them as background for a little ocean scene. One Piece is all about pirates in case you didn't know!

My base is essie mint candy apple and I stamped the waves with white. I love how thin that image is!

I then decided to add some freehand shapes .ike the ship of the crew: the Thousand Sunny, and some Sea Kings to accompany it. I really wanted to paint more and turn it into a pattern but my nails are too small :( Bummer!

I don't think I did my love for One Piece justice with these, so I guess I'll be trying again one day!

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