Monday, February 6, 2017

Serum No.5 - Chinese Zodiac Lucky Colors - swatches & nailart

pr sample

Today I've got a super long post for you, all about the Serum No.5 Lucky Colors based on the Chinese zodiac. So that's 12 holographic nail polishes in rainbow colors, hooray!

Let me start by saying that they aren't super linear holo but all of them have a really great and smooth formula. Lots of them are almost one-coaters and they aren't streaky or difficult at all. They are awesome and for a nail artist like me I actually prefer to work with that type of holo. :D

here in holo friendly lighting

Of course, I couldn't resist doing matching nail art over every shade. There are some really fun animals among them, some that I probably would never paint otherwise so I absolutely enjoyed these!

Victoria gave me this link, where you can check out which Chinese Zodiac is yours if you don't know already! 

Let's start with Rooster, since that's the current year starting from January 28th 2017. It's a slightly green toned golden yellow holo. Yellow doesn't suit me but always makes me happy, so I love that there's one in the collection!
2 coats without topcoat

Snake is the blackest of them all. To me it's more a super dark grey, but I love greys. So that's fine with me, hehe.
2 coats without topcoat

Ox, such a beautiful bright blue. Might be one of my faves!
2 coats without topcoat.

The silver one is called Dragon. I always love silver holos because they show the rainbow the best. Swoon!
2 coats without topcoat

Rat! Oh how pretty is green combined with holo? It's always love for me :)
2 coats without topcoat

Next up is Monkey, the 'black sheep' of the collection. It's not a true white, more a very light grey. Which I love! It's the least holo and it contains gold shimmer, which all the others don't have. Monkey also needs 3 coats, but that's pretty good for a white-ish shade. And the result after 3 coats was actually perfect!
3 coats without topcoat

Dog, a blue-toned red. Those reds always suit me so well. So perfect!
2 coats without topcoat

Hmmm, chocolate-y browns are so yummy. This is Horse.
2 coats without topcoat

Tiger, definitely the most fitting name. I rarely wear orange for some reason, though I actually like the color!
2 coats without topcoat

Pig, a darker grey holo. Oh pretty rainbow!
2 coats without topcoat

The red-toned purple is Sheep. No surprise here, I also love this one. :D
2 coats without topcoat

And of course I saved the best, aka my own, for last. Isn't it funny that I'm a Rabbit? :D Love this shade of pink. It's slightly dusty, which I love.
2 coats without topcoat again

All in all, I really love all of them. The concept is so cool and my OCD is happy about the primary and secondary colors being included completely! Yay!

And below is a round up of all the nail art I did! These were so much fun ^_^

They are already available from!

Let me know which one is your zodiac or your favorite!

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