Tuesday, February 28, 2017

and another floral over Masura

pr sample

To be honest, I was completely stuck what to do with the beautiful Masura Euphoria. I felt like anything I could do wouldn't be enough and it's just perfect on its own. So to get over that fear of ruining it I just did a simple pastel floral.

I like the color combo, so I guess it's not a fail :D I even decided to add matte topcoat because I was curious how that would look. I should try that again without nail art!

As usual, the flowers are handdrawn with acrylic paint.

botanical style nail art

pr sample

Uhhh, how I love anything botanical. I'm obsessed! And black & white over color is still one of my favorite things to wear. So I had to do that again :)

Base is Masura Shaken Not Stirred, green with a vintage touch and therefore the perfect base for this pattern. The rest is handpainted with acrylic paint.

And below with matte topcoat. I thought it might bring out the shimmer a bit more, but that wasn't the case. I don't really mind though.

masté washi tape inspired nail art - melted snowmen

I bought this cute snowman masté washi last fall and I was waiting for winter to go away so I could finally paint them on my nails.

It's also a great opportunity to finally use piCture pOlish Totes. I love unusual colors and this warm yellow-orange hue just called my name but I never found a use so far. But it's a perfect match for the washi!

As always, the pattern is handpainted with acrylic paint.

Silly patterns always put a smile on my face. Let's hope spring will come soon!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Valentine's Day tribal

pr sample

A Valentine's Day tribal has been on my to do list forever. I've seen judyrox do one ages ago and it's been on my mind ever since.
Though I probably should have a picked a true pink instead of a coral-pink as the middle color. Oh well. Next time :P

Base is Masura Life Is Sweet and everthing else is of course handpainted with acrylic paint.

He loves me.. He loves me not.. He loves me..

pr sample

I love painting daisies. So I painted more daisies. Probably one of the most fitting flowers for Valentine's Day anyways. I'm sure we've all ripped apart innocent flowers before :P

Base is Masura Lavender In Somerset and the daisies are handpainted with acrylic paint.

pastel paper planes

pr sample

I've been wanting to paint these since last summer, where I painted paper boats. There's something so magical about folded paper, haha. But flying love letters are a perfect match for Valentine's Day, so I tried my best to not do them before.

Base is Masura Iceland and everything else is acrylic paint.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

watercolor floral hearts

pr sample

Just a simple outline/ watercolor pattern. I loved how the petals in this image here were only partially colored so it looks like hearts.

Base is Heroine NYC Watch Me Sparkle. I painted the lines with black acrylic paint and used transparent red acrylic ink to color it in.

Love is all you need

pr sample

 When searching for Valentine's patterns I came across this one and instantly loved it! I'm a huge fan of patterns with text and I'm still trying to improve painting such small letters.So much fun though! And I'm really happy with these colors together.

Base is Heroine NYC Gold Digger.

the first floral of the year

pr sample

Oh look! Someone finally transferred the Valentine's pattern from her phone :P I apologize in advance for the spam!
 With all the things I had to share, I've surprisingly haven't done a floral for the whole month of Januray. I'm shocked. Time to change that!

Base is Heroine NYC Wine At Midnight. The flowers are handpainted with acrylic paint. And I especially loved it with matte top coat. So velvety!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Heroine NYC - Glam Squad Trio - swatches

pr sample

Yay, today I have 3 new releases from Heroine NYC for you! I'm really happy to see them come out with new colors and all 3 are great staples in every collection. Let's take a look!

First up, Wine At Midnight, the only creme among the new colors. It's a dark brick red with brownish undertones. 2 easy coats, no topcoat.

Gold Digger is a gold holographic micro glitter in a clear base. The glitter is super fine, almost like a textured polish. But it doesn't dry as gritty and requires only 1 coat of topcoat to smooth it out.
I always do very thin coats when applying micro glitters, to avoid it running down the edges of my nails. So here you see 3 coats, but you can easily get away with 2. Swatch is with topcoat, macro without so you can see the texture.


Watch Me Sparkle is the silver holographic sister of Gold Digger. Again, the glitter is very fine and easy to smooth out. The pictures are showing 3 thin coats, the swatch again with topcoat and the macro without.

Shop Heroine NYC polishes here and make sure to follow them on IG too. :)