Sunday, January 22, 2017

Masura - my picks & swatches


Today I've got swatches of some Masura polishes for you. I got super lucky and could choose a few from their magnetic and regular polishes.

In my package was also a magnet, which is super strong, and top coat. I've used that one for all my swatches and it's definitely great for the magnetics. Though it doesn't dry as quick as my beloved p2.

Nail art with these will be posted too, so stay tuned!

Let's start with the swatches after the jump!

Please note, that I used the magnet after each coat and also after top coat. Because my nails are short, I held the magnet as close to my nail as I could so the stripe would be as thin as possible.

All magnetic polishes that I chose are from the Magnetic Gradient collection. I really love that they aren't plain metallics but have added scatter holo or larger shimmer. Really makes these stand out! And I love the galaxy theme with these!

I'll start with the magnetics and up first is Andromeda's Nebula, a dark purple that almost looks black at the edges and it has these beautiful scatter holo bits.
2 easy coats + TC

The Red Square Nebula is exactly what you'd expect from the name. It's red and along the silver scatter holo bits there's also large golden shimmer. So beautiful!

2 coats + TC

Supernovae is a bronzey, dark mustard with scatter holo and also red shimmer. It's warmer than my swatches show but I'm digging the unusual color! It's a bit sheerer than the others though.
3 coats + TC

The Pillars of Creation is an emerald green with scatter holo. Swoon!
2 coats + TC

And the final magnetic: Blue Stars is actually more a teal-blue, and again has these scatter holo bits that I love so much.
2 coats + TC

Since the magnetics are rather dark, I decided to choose more pastels from the regular polish line. Those are my fave for nail art anyways, hehe.

First up is Shaken Not Stirred. Just like it name suggests, it's a medium olive green with pink to blue changing shimmer. Though it's very creamy and the shimmer barely shows up. I don't mind though, I love the shade of green. Funny that I actually like my Martini without olives.
3 coats + TC

Iceland is a very light blue with hidden silver shimmer, which is hard to catch on the nail.
3 coats + TC

Lavender in Somerset is the most beautiful light purple ever. There's blue shimmer (swoon!) and also tiny scatter holo bits in there. Such a great combo!
3 coats + TC

Life Is Sweet is a pearly baby pink. It's very light and the color is pretty. However it's more 'frosty' than the swatches I've seen and I'm just not into that kind of shimmer, even though it's not horribly streaky.
4 coats + TC

I saved my favorite for last: Euphoria. And it really lives up to it's name!! It's so so beautiful and indeed makes me all euphoric. Ugh. Purple jelly base, with holo shimmer and red shimmer. That red and purple is so gorgeous together and the silver holo bits turn kind of blue in the jelly base. It's just amazing.
3 coats + TC

Overall, I'm really really happy with my picks and can't wait to use them again! And to buy more of course, hehe.

Find a list of Masura stockists here.

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