Wednesday, January 11, 2017

fair isle pattern for #ppnailartchallenge12017

Yesterday was the day of this years first piCture pOlish challenge: #ppnailartchallenge12017 and I just wanted to join the fun. It's always so cool to see what everyone does!

If I have a choice, I'd always do something tribal-esque or flowers. But it's winter and there's actually snow outside, yay! So I did another fair isle pattern.
I was inspired by this beautiful blue one und used piCture pOlish Swagger and Cosmos to paint it, along with white acrylic paint.


  1. Love these!! It is just so amazing what you can do on a tiny canvas!!

  2. This is so, so pretty! And I'm really happy, that you've started this blog, I admire your nail art so much! <3

  3. Oh that is such a delicate pattern. You really did translate that pattern well from the original design. So so pretty. :)