Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bundle Monster - Mythos stamping polishes

pr sample

Names from left to right: Arabica, Tree of Life, Annato Clay, Turmeric Sun, Red Sea, Indikon

Also in my last Bundle Monster package were the Mythos stamping polishes and I was really happy about that. I mostly love creme polishes but so far I only had black and white for stamping and a few one coaters that work too. So these pretty fall colors are a great addition to my collection!

And here's what I created with all of them!

There's a baroque image on stamping plate BM-XL218 and it reminded me of wallpaper. So I thought it would be fun to go with that and hang some pictures :D

I started with essie take it outside as base and stamped the pattern with white.

I made decals with different base polishes, all 6 Mythos stamping polishes and a bunch of different images from all the Bundle Monster collaboration plates.

Then I cut them into tiny squares and applied them to over the base stamping.

I added quick dry topcoat and after some drying time I painted the frames with acrylic paint.

I'm not 100% happy, but that's my general problem with stamping: All the images are always so huge compared to my nails :(

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  1. I can understand your frustration with stamping as it is limiting to the size of the image, but these are FABULOUS!! You worked around it and made such a great design. Of course, love the rabbit portrait on your thumb. ;)