Sunday, December 18, 2016

thermal nail art with Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Blue-Within-Blue Eyes

I can never resist nail art with a twist and thermals are just so much fun! I thought I'd do a snowy one because Femme Fatale Blue-Within-Blue Eyes matches this pattern perfectly. It's a similar blue to the pattern and turns white-ish when warm, which looks like a winter wonderland.

Everything is handpainted with acrylic paint. And I really can't decide which version I love more. The blue is so pretty with the flakies but I'm also such a sucker for light colors.

Which one do you like more?


  1. So cute! <3
    It would be interesting to know what type og acrylic paints and brushes you use, if you ever feel like writing about them. ;)

    1. Oh, okay, I found the post about your basics. :D