Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bundle Monster - flocking powder & nail art

pr sample

Flocking powder is something I wanted to try forever. I just never got around to do so but I recently had the chance to pick some things from Bundle Monster and I figuered it's finally time.
And it was actually perfect timing to go along with my Christmas nail art, hehe.

There are 24 different colors in this set. But today I only used red and white for the santa beards and hats.

Base is Essie 'go with the flowy' and I painted the pattern with acrylic paint like I usually would and added top coat. Once that was completely dry I partially added non-quick dry topcoat to the red hats. Each nail at a time and sometimes only a few so the top coat wouldn't dry too fast. I sprinkled the powder on top and pressed it down with a finger and then brushed away the access powder. I did the same with the white once I was done with red on all nails. So they wouldn't mix.

They turned out so fluffy :D

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