Monday, July 25, 2016

new brand: Heroine NYC

 pr sample

Heroine NYC is a new brand hitting the nail polish market and it's even more awesome because my dear friend Shanna @glittr is the brain behind them. I'm super excited and happy to be able to show you the first collection today. Let's go!

The first collection consists of 2 great basics, 4 very bright cremes and a regular non-quick-dry topcoat. 

White Noise is a white creme, without any shimmer. Any nail artist needs great basics so I think having a black and white is always a plus. Shown here are 3 thin coats, but you might get away with 2. 

Lights Out is a black creme, again no shimmer. It covers in 2 easy coats!

Royal Blood (love this name!) is a very bright blue creme. 2 coats.

Touch-Me-Not is a warm neon purple. 3 coats and it dries somewhat semi matte. Since it's neon, it also glows under UV light. The glow is much stronger in real life.

Mean Girl is an incredibly bright pink neon. 2 coats and the glow under UV light is super strong!

And last but not least, Sublime. My favorite of the bunch. It's a pastel neon green and just perfect for summer. And spring. 3 thin coats.

They are available from and you can follow them on IG here:

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