Sunday, May 22, 2016

piCture pOlish ROSE - my collaboration shade


Happy Sunday!

Today is the most exciting day for me in over a year. I'm having butterflies in my stomach since I woke up and I'm just so excited! I can't wait any longer!!
Some of you probably remember me winning the first @picturepolish nail art quarterly on IG in 2015 and this is the result of it: rose.

In case you don't remember, this was my entry.

My goal was to do something personal, that is related to me and something that I love besides painting and nail polish. No one should be surprised that I also love flowers and that's something I got from my Mama.
My absolute favorite flower is the rose. Out of our family of four, only my Mama and I are born in the same city. And that city is famous for it's Europa Rosarium, which is even the biggest in the world. My Mum was obsessed with roses and she loved going there. Like I said, I got the floral and pattern love from her so naturally I love this place too. It's something that connects us and always will.

Some of you might remember that she passed away from cancer just 2 weeks after my win. So it's been a really rough time for me. We were so alike and words can't describe how much I miss her. I wish I could share this polish with her!

But let me share it with you and I hope you like it. The rose has always been special to me and I know I'll never regret creating this shade with piCture pOlish and put my name on the bottle. I actually picked the name first and then thought about which color I want. Obviously the first thing that comes to your mind is red and I knew my Mama's favorite rose in our garden is a pinkish-red. So that's what I sent Jules as my choice and luckily they already had something similar in mind.

We have 26 roses in our garden (my Dad recently counted, hehe) but this one was a favorite of her because of the wonderful smell.

But now, enough ramblings and onto the polish! :)
Rose has the signature piCture pOlish scatter holo that we all love, on top of that, it's a one-coater! Yay!
It gets a bit more depth though, so my swatches show 2 coats without top coat.

Below is a comparison with other pinkish piCture pOlishes. I can happily say that it's different that all of them and you need it!

PS: If you read that far, here's a fun fact for you! The sample bottle I received at first actually has my birthday on it. How funny is that? :D

Get your own bottle here or look for stockists here.

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