Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nails Inc - Caffeine Hit: swatches & nail art

pr sample

Mhhh, a coffee inspired collection and perfectly fitting for autumn. And it's very thoughtful that the package contains an actual bag of coffee and a mug. The coffee tastes super good! There's also a coffee hand scrub, but I have't tried that yet.

 The NailsInc Caffeine Hit collection consists of 3 brown cremes and a matching glitter polish. These 4 go perfectly together if you ask me.

All polishes are SCENTED and they smell like those chocolate coffee beans. OMG, I'm not really a fan of  scented polishes but that just smells heavenly. I'd like that in all my polishes, please!

I'm starting with Espresso Martini, the darkest brown. It's rather cool toned and almost looks black. 2 coats + topcoat.

Next, the medium brown Afternoon Mocha. It's a pretty milk chocolate brown and my fave of the bunch. 2 coats + topcoat

And the last creme, Chai Kiss. Looks like milky coffee and took 2 coats + topcoat as well.

The glitter is Rise & Grind and contains lots of tiny glitters in mostly gold and orange but also a few silver ones. So hard to capture though! I'm showing 3 coats + topcoat on it's own and 1 coat layerd over the cremes.

I love coffee and surprisingly never did any coffee themed nail art. So I went with the theme and doodled some coffee icons on top of a gradient of the 3 browns. The white is acrylic paint and I topped it with matte topcoat. Looks so chocolatey, yum!

And of course I wanted to play with the glitter too and did a little negative space nail art again. I just have to take advantage of my currently not stained nails, ha! I used black and brown acrylic paint for the leaves and filled it out with Rise & Grind.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

NailsInc - selected GelEffect swatches


Today I have 5 colors from the Nails Inc GelEffect range for you. Again, they are now available in Germany via Parfümerie Douglas.

 Let me start by saying how much I love the color matching cap!! That's just awesome and super easy to find in my drawers, haha.

These are the first GelEffect cremes that I tried and I'm really happy with the quality. All of them need only 2 coats, except for the red. Which is a one-coater, yay!

Porchester Square, a light taupe creme. 2 coats + topcoat

Mayfair Lane, a dusty pale pink. 2 coats + topcoat

Regents Place, pale periwinkle. 2 coats + topcoat

Covent Garden Place, a bright pink. 2 coats + topcoat

St. James, a classic red. It's the only one that has very fine shimmer but it's JUST 1 COAT.

My faves are the light pink and blue. And I love a good one-coater, so I'm sure I'll be wearing this alot as well.

Friday, October 6, 2017

NailsInc Sparkle Like A Unicorn duo + nail art

pr sample

The second NailsInc duo I have is the Sparkle Like A Unicorn one. It contains 2 shimmer polishes and at first I found the combination very strange. But once I finished doing nail art with them, I really think it's a great duo.

Swatches shown 2 coats without topcoat.

Rainbow Wishes: a lovely lilac with light blue shimmer. It's a lot less streaky than I thought and the streaks hide even more after topcoat (like you can see at the end of the post with the nail art on top).

Dream Dust: a dusty pink with lots of gold shimmer flecks.

Of course, I just had to paint unicorns on top! The black and white is acrylic paint.

NailsInc is available in Germany via Parfümerie Douglas.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nails Inc - Holler Graphic Duo + nail art

pr sample

I recently got a package from Nails Inc because they are available in Germany now through Parfümerie Douglas. I'll break things up into 3 posts and first I'm showing you the Holler Graphic Duo.

There's 2 scatter holo polishes inside, a silver and a pink. Both are opaque in 2 coats and my swatches are without topcoat.

Rocket Fuel:

Ghetto Galactic:

And for the nail art I went with some negative space (duh!!) loosely inspired by the packaging. The black is acrylic paint, as usual. I wish I had a dark blue or black Nails Inc as base but I don't. So that's what I did and I'm honestly loving it alot!

Monday, September 25, 2017

swatches: Heroine NYC - The Dream Cremes

pr sample

Time to finally write some new posts, right? Let's start with the recent Heroine NYC release. And it's my favorite so far. 4 awesome pastels and a pastel neon, woohoo. It's no secret that I love pastels and I can promise you that I'll use these alot.

First up, Peach Please. A pastel neon coral and the only one that needed 3 coats + top coat.
 And since it's a neon it glows under blacklight.
PS: it looks super pretty on tanned summer feet :)

Sugar Spun, a very light pink. 2 coats + top coat.

Lilac It, as the name suggests: a pastel purple. 2 coats + top coat.

Peek-a-blue, the pastel blue brother in the family. Again 2 coats + top coat.

Last, but not least: Empower-mint. A light mint green creme and of course it took only 2 coats + top coat as well.

If you ask me what my favorite is, then I can't choose. I just love every single one of them <3

Shop them here and don't forget to follow Heroine NYC on Instagram!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello holo! - Whats Up Nails Holographic Powder

pr sample

Today I don't have any nail art for you, just pretty rainbows :) Whatever I tried to paint on top of the most amazing Holographic Powder from Whats Up Nails, it didn't work and I hated it. So I scratched everything off and actually enjoyed wearing the powder on its own! That's a rare thing for me!

I layered the powder over a sheer nude (Kiko 207) since I love how this looks softer than over black.

 I rubbed it into the second coat with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and my fingers and then brushed off the excess. To not dull the holo, I finished with a waterbased top cat: piCture pOlish revolution.

My camera was quite a bit overwhelmed with how strong the holo is :D

And if you use more than one lamp and you don't have them shine at the exact same spot, you'll even get multiple rainbows. That's how strong the effect is. It's just love!