Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello holo! - Whats Up Nails Holographic Powder

pr sample

Today I don't have any nail art for you, just pretty rainbows :) Whatever I tried to paint on top of the most amazing Holographic Powder from Whats Up Nails, it didn't work and I hated it. So I scratched everything off and actually enjoyed wearing the powder on its own! That's a rare thing for me!

I layered the powder over a sheer nude (Kiko 207) since I love how this looks softer than over black.

 I rubbed it into the second coat with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and my fingers and then brushed off the excess. To not dull the holo, I finished with a waterbased top cat: piCture pOlish revolution.

My camera was quite a bit overwhelmed with how strong the holo is :D

And if you use more than one lamp and you don't have them shine at the exact same spot, you'll even get multiple rainbows. That's how strong the effect is. It's just love!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

nail art: floral glitterplacement ft. Whats Up Nails Princess Confetti

pr sample

It's glitter placement time, yay! I always forget how much I love doing these until I sit down with lots of sparkly stuff on my desk. :)

Luckily, there was a jar of happiness in my Whats Up Nails package: Princess Confetti. Looks like it's not on the website anymore though.. But here's a link to the other Confetti colors.
It's full on pink, green and gold circle glitters. I tried to show you the different sizes/colors in the photo below, but the glitter is super reflective. So my photos are crap :D But I hope you get the idea, haha.
I only picked out the gold ones, and the smallest in all colors to create these flowers.

I love a neutral background for glitter placement, so I always go for a sheer nude. I'm using essie allure here. Again, I used foil glue to stick the glitters down. So handy, because it doesn't dry out and you don't have to repeat applying clear polish!

Here's the matte version, which shows the pattern much better.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

nail art: Whats Up Nails butterfly vinyls

pr sample

My least favorite part of painting is actually getting the base down; or the outlines if you want to call it that. So I thought maybe I'd speed up that part by using nail vinyls. I got some cute butterfly patterned ones from Whats Up Nails in my package and to my joy, they're actually small enough! Big fat yay for that :D

I used essie limo-scene as my base color and after that was completely dry I used the vinyls and filled that out with black, my favorite outline color. Cirque Colors Memento Mori is a one-coater, so something like it is perfect!

I let that dry for a few minutes and then colored everything in with blue and a taupey shade for the butterfly bodies. I always add topcoat here, so I'm able to go over the outlines again and add details, like the stripesm thickening the outer parts with black and to finish with tiny white dots. I couldn't love the result more! So happy!

Black and nude is one of my fave combos, so I already loved it after using just the vinyls:

I'm seriously so amazed that the vinyls are small enough for my taste!! I'll definitely be on the look out for more like that. It's so much fun to use these <3

Sunday, April 30, 2017

nail art: Walpurgis Night

Happy Walpurgisnight!

Tonight the witches are celebrating Walpurgis Night at Brocken, the highest peak of the Harz mountain range in the middle of Germany. I'm born near there, so I'm clearly a witch :D

Anyways, I always had a thing for everything witchy. So I love doing something for the occasion!

Plus, I could use one more of my beloved piCture pOlish: Bewitch. It's just the perfect night sky for a ride with the broom, haha.

I painted random essentials for every witch; with white acrylic paint, trying to make it not too cute and Halloweeny. At last, I finished it with matte topcoat, which I love a lot!

Now excuse me, I need to dust off my broom for tonight :D

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Whats Up Nails Exotic Flakies and nail art

pr sample

Mmmhh.. Flakies. I love flakies. Everyday. Of course I was happy when Whats Up Nails included one of them in my packag!

I got the Exotic flakies and they are mostly blue and purple but also change to pink and gold at some angles.

Since I love speckled polishes, I applied them directly over a light purple: OPI I Am What I Amethyst. I let the polish dry almost completely and I switched between using an eyeshadow brush and my finger. I was trying to not get too much of the flakies on my nails for a more speckled look.

I added some triangles and dots with acrylic paint on top of it. And the matte topcoat, because I was curious how that looks. Think it looks almost like a stone-y marble base now. Still fun!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

nail art: loosely inspired by a gobelin fabric

pr sample

Another background stamping with Hehe today! And of course another image from the Florals & Plaids collection.

A few years ago, my Mama had bought this beautiful gobelin fabric and made herself a pillow out of it. I always loved the floral print and the color combination and I was jealous that she didn't make anything for me too. So I grabbed the leftover fabric and took it home with me (because one day I'm going to learn how to sew :D ).

I stamped the fabric texture from plate 077 over OPI Be There in a Prosecco using OPI Berlin There Done That (which I once got as a Christmas gift from my Mama <3 )

The rest is freehand with with acrylic paint. It turned out much brighter than the fabric though. Not sure how I like that.. But at least it's more seasonally appropriate :P

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